Say a big hello to the team

The Photo Booth Guys

Early testing and prototyping of our photo booths began in late 2013, and by early 2014 we were well and truly away. In less than our first year of business, we booked nearly 500 events across Australia and the United Kingdom.

We value beautiful design above all else. Our photo booths are a labour of love. We are friends and we are family. We are The Photo Booth Guys.

Steve Bliesner

Head honcho, top dog, evil genius – all or none of these titles might apply to Steve. However, he is definitely the founding father of the rampaging empire that is The Photo Booth Guys.

Something few people know about Steve: the Bond theme Nobody Does it Better was penned by his mother when he began designing photo booths as a precocious two year-old. Few people know this because it isn’t true. He did come up with most of the concepts for our photo booth designs and many other wild ideas though (as a precocious thirtyish year-old).

Steve is hell-bent on keeping The Photo Booth Guys on the screaming edge of the industry. Going to parties and helping people have fun is a noble calling. Steve embraces his destiny with glee.


Sophie Greensill

If we’re talking AU Operations then Sophie is very much Head of it. Other job titles include Queen Bee, Mother Hen and Chief Excellence Officer, but she only occasionally insists on people using those. 

Whether there’s a booth backdrop to be designed or an industry event with free cocktails to be tackled, Sophie will be there with bells on. And probably polkadots. Then she’ll write a blog post about it, hashtag it up for the social mediashere, make her 23rd cup of tea of the day and do some accounting. She generally makes everything happen and tends to make everything look effortless and pretty.

On top of all that Sophie is a world expert in rubber animal masks and other photo booth props. You’d like her.

Meet the Extended Family

Our photo booths are all handmade from the finest materials and timbers. Each is as unique as you are. Meet the whole family and choose the one that suits you and your event the best!

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