Max Power

03rd February 2016

While our range of printed backdrops is undoubtedly splendid, creating a DIY backdrop is a great way to really personalise your wedding photo booth.

Here we take a look at some of our favourite booth backdrops from recent weddings to spark off a few ideas for you. Whether you get your designer to coordinate your backdrop in with your venue decor, ask your florist to create something or get your hands dirty yourself, why not have a bit of fun with your booth backdrop!

Garden Party


Pretty spectacular one to kick off here… the fake turf and daisies looks amazing with the gilded frame. Guests also loved playing around with the frame, sticking their heads inside it for a bit of variety!



Flower walls really are spectacular and always work to draw in people eager for am elegant new Facebook pic! Luxurious and extravagant, your florist will definitely thank you for this one.

Paper Petals


A fair bit of work goes into making these paper flowers but the effect is pretty stunning… a lower budget take on the flower wall, if you have some time on your hands!

Dr Crane


Another option for crafty types, these origami cranes work really well. Maybe get your bridesmaids and groomsmen over for some paper-folding and a bottle of bubbly before the big day!

DIY Props

Cray Cray

A well-placed selection of props in front of an attractive wall works great as a booth backdrop. Simple but effective!

Feature Wall


If your venue has one, making use of one of the walls already there is sometimes the most effective option. These rustic logs in a converted barn serve as a perfect booth backdrop.



The same log wall backdrop as above, but with added foliage and berries to match the designer’s decoration of the rest of the venue. The animal masks were also hung up on the backdrop, giving a cool, slightly surreal effect!

Cut the Ribbon


A selection of ribbons form a striking backdrop here, with cut lettering to say whatever you like. All you need is love, and a little bit of time, to put this kind of backdrop together.

In the Groove

Pink Ribbon

A similar idea here, only with strips of different fabrics instead of ribbons. The bride here seems happy with it!



Mexican props for the photo booth were matched with cutouts for this unusual wedding backdrop! Guests loved it though, always a good idea to give them plenty to work with to improve the poses you get.

Wild Times


Another themed backdrop here… safari props worked really well with a simple backdrop of just a few plants.

Tassel Town


A cool spin on the cut paper designs, these colourful tassels give the booth a great party feel. Simple and easy to colour-coordinate with dresses or decor.

Pinwheel Perfection


We love these pinwheels! Although this minimalist white approach is perfect for a classic wedding, you can also use all kinds of colourful paper for more of a colour pop.

We hope that little lot inspires you to come up with some creative solutions of your own! For more ideas and inspiration for your wedding or party, pop over to our social pages at Instagram, Facebook (UK or Australia) or Pinterest.