Camera ARRAY

Camera ARRAY

IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards

Sophie Greensill

29th January 2019

What an honour! We were recently part of the UK Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards that were Held at the IET’s Savoy Place HQ. The awards recognised three outstanding UK female engineers.

In line with the event’s #SmashStereotypesToBits hashtag, we brought along our ARRAY Experience. To that we added a Social Sharing station and some pillows. Here’s why…

As you can see above, attendees got to pose in our custom Camera ARRAY booth with pillow fight warehouse backdrop. The pillows added some action into the amazing ‘frozen in mid-air’ ARRAY shots.

The pillows also added a great visual aid to the idea of smashing stereotypes to bits. As you’ll see later, plenty of guests got into the spirit of things by smashing each other to bits. Glorious.

We added the hashtag to the pillows to make sure the message was extra-clear! We also brought along our emoji faces and a selection of other Party Pack goodies.

Awards nominees and their guests all wanted to capture the moment from every angle! The amazing ARRAY system involves a row of 24 DSLR cameras on a curved rack. These capture poses from a sweep of angles, which are then turned into stunning ‘freeze frame’ GIFs.

Guests can then immediately share the GIFs onto their social profiles using our Social Kiosks. Let’s take a look at some of the results. Smash those stereotypes!


Three against one here! Excellent height on those jumps and some great pillow action too.


Eleven (?) people airborne all at once! Outstanding from this crew.

Tag team

The old one-two. Classic pillow fight pummelling strategy from this dapper trio.

The guru

Jump height, timing and pose all come together beautifully here. Hats off to the ARRAY Booth guru.

Crouching Andrew, Hidden Mike

And finally, UK boss Andrew and General Manager Mike get in on the action. Or is that just some office tension coming out guys? Fisticuffs is never the answer chaps. Unless it looks this good.

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