Custom Photo Booths

Event: Life in Colour

Westfield North Lakes

We were setup at Westfield North Lakes for the Life in Colour promotion. Together we came up with the idea of having a “confetti” booth. For 6 days, guests could enter the styled area we created and have fun making Boomerang GIFs while throwing confetti. GIF’s were available to share immediately from the sharing stations setup.

Watch the video below

Event: Team Great Britain


In the lead up to the Rio Olympics, over 20 days the Great Britain Olympic Team came in to the convention centre to collect and try on their new uniforms. Athletes were invited to lay their kit out on the ground, and take a few selfies. An over head camera was setup (with a monitor next to it to help them pose) – athletes were given a remote trigger so they could take the photos when they were ready. Images were then sent straight to iPads for sharing to social media.

Watch the video below

Event: National Conference


When Foot Locker had their National Conference at the Gold Coast, Adidas was asked to sponsor the evening activities. The theme being “Street Festival” it only seemed fitting that we setup a basketball half court.. and a action multi-cam to capture guests doing slam dunks. Videos from two cameras recorded and then put together for immediate sharing from the iPad stations.

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Event: Awkward Family Photos

Westfield Carindale

Remember those awkward family photos mum forced upon the family? They’re back! For 10 days in the lead up to Christmas, we recreated a 1970s living room, as well as those oh so awkward moments. Ugly knitted Christmas jumpers, glasses, awkward posing… we did it all. Guests received a 6×4″ print as well as digital copies (that could be sent from our custom kitchen table sharing station).

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Event: Hair Expo Melbourne


We spent 3 days with Olaplex at the Melbourne Hair Expo, where hair super star Guy Tang, was on hand to pose with guests. People literally queued for hours to have their photo taken on our custom wrapped booth and to get their 6×4″ Olaplex branded print.

Watch the video below