Max Power

21st April 2017

Here’s another instalment of our posts highlighting vendors we’ve worked alongside whose methods we’ve very much grown to enjoy…


The Canavan is one such setup. Featured previously on our blog in our writeup of Hamish and Kristin’s Wondrous Warehouse Wedding, The Canavan is the brainchild of lovely owners Adam and Anika. They turned a neglected 60s caravan into the resplendent mobile dining experience you see here!


The 1968 Olympic Riviera caravan was discovered and bought in 2012, then brought home to Byron Bay to begin its new party lifestyle. A few years of plotting, planning, careful restoration and modification resulted in the retro drinks and catering van being ready to launch itself onto the awesome Byron Bay’s weddings and events scene.


As well as the main van, The Canavan team supplies cool props, furniture, lighting, decorations and greens to match any styling theme (as long as it’s a bit retro). They will turn whatever space you give them into a beautifully-styled and cosy lounging area where your guests will want to hang out. Have a look at their growing collection of bits and bobs here.


The Canavan offers a full bar service, with whatever style of drinks menu you require, as long as it fits in their fridges! They also offer food in the form of canapes, platters and ‘festival-style menus’ – have a look here for the packages and options they offer.


Yet another rather impressive party trick The Canavan has is that it is completely off-grid. Power for fridges, lights and a sound system is all supplied by the on-board solar panels… nothing retro about this van’s eco-credentials, that’s for sure.


The Canavan team are also excellent event planners and organisers, and can take care of all the nitty gritty of your next party. Jobs that often get forgotten, like recycling, litter collection, event coordination and other fiddly logistics tasks are all a walk in the park for this crew.

The Canavan 7

The Canavan 8

If you’re interested in hiring out The Canavan, give the guys a call on 0400 858 690 (Adam) or 0412 316 613 (Anika), or drop them an email at [email protected] They’re always up for a chat and love to help create unforgettable parties, weddings, photo shoots, or whatever else you might have in mind.

The Canavan 11


You can also keep tabs on The Canavan’s adventures and find some inspiration for your event on their social media profiles at Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Adam and Anika are also expanding their repertoire and have lots of fun doing business as a family, which we like!

The Canavan photoshoot from The Canavan on Vimeo.