No matter the location, no matter where your guests are, no matter if the Government forces your guests to be all sitting down 😉, you can use Selfmatic GuestCam at your wedding or party! GuestCam is web based. It can run on any smart phone with a browser. No app. Just click the link or scan the QR code to start.

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Browser Based. Easy for everyone!

Selfmatic GuestCam is web based. Guests just need to click a link, or scan the QR code – no app to install. Every guest can get involved, even if they aren’t physically there! Anywhere the guest goes… the photos go too!

GIFs and Digital Stills

Guest can capture digital images using the front or rear camera on their phone, make slideshow GIFs and even Boomerangs! All personalised with your wedding or party details.

Stickers & Filters

Add a bit of extra somethin’ somethin’ to your images. Guests can apply colour filters, and even drag on fun stickers!

Real Time Mosaic

All the images feed into a real time picture Mosaic. As each image comes in, it helps reveal the hidden master piece. A fun, and engaging way to get guests involved. Stream it at your wedding or party. Or let remote guests watch from home.