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Hashtag Printer
Say hello to your most social friend

Hashtag Printer

Put a photo booth in all your guests’ hands! Hashtag Printer is a beautifully designed, social media hashtag printer for your event. Instagram a photo, tag it with your event hashtag, and Hashtag Printer will print it seconds later (no wires, no extra software). It’s like magic!

Shoot It

Hashtag Printer is dead simple to use. Take a photo with your smartphone and, if you like, sweeten it up with a filter… then you’re ready to go!

(Let’s be honest, people love a good  photo of themselves these days, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the ball rolling).

Tag it

Once you’ve taken your photo, upload it to Instagram and tag it with your event hashtag. The magic begins once the photo is uploaded.

(To see how some of our clients use the InstaPrinta, check out our Instagram feed).

Print It

Once your photo has been uploaded and hashtagged… boom! Like magic, your photo will print out from the InstaPrinta (with all your fancy branding and design wizardry around it).

It’s that simple. Shoot it, tag it, print it.


Product Activations, Expos, Weddings & Parties

Hashtags Build Communities

Hashtags help bring people together – friends with family, brands with consumers, communities with their members, events with their attendees. Hashtags give people a central way to communicate, discuss, comment, engage and to talk about you. Through Instagram, you get a beautiful snapshot of your event, updated in real time, viewable at any time.

Loud and Proud

Your brand on the wall

Put yourself front and centre. With optional duplicate prints, your guest gets one copy of the photo and the other goes straight to the trophy room (or the killer display wall you’ve built). Having all your photos displayed at your event not only looks amazing but it also really helps to create a sense of community. It’s social media in its truest form.

Instagram is the fastest growing social network

Incredible Reach & Potential

300M monthly users • 30B photos shared • 2.5B likes daily • 70M photos a day

It’s undeniable! People love Instagram. People love sharing photos of where they are, what they’re doing and who they are with – and people love hashtagging. 37% of Instagram users are aged 18-29, and another 18% are in the 30-49 bracket. It’s an amazing network that really has widespread appeal.

Camera Apps

Try these Camera Apps

To use the InstaPrinta, the photos have to be uploaded via Instagram, but to get the most out of your photos, it’s totally worthwhile using one of these awesome camera apps:

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