Hidden Heroes

Hidden Heroes

Rugby AR for Youi

Max Power

14th March 2019

We love creating custom branded pro photo booth concepts for brand activations and corporate events. It’s even better seeing the resulting GIFs and photos appear all over our social feeds. Taking a corporate photo booth to the rugby… best job ever! 

The brief

Youi Insurance is a key sponsor of the NRL. To promote this, we conceptualised and created a series of photo booth activations for NRL and State of Origin games. The corporate photo booth added to the excitement of the game, gave footy fans a memento, celebrating Youi’s NRL sponsorship. The activation featured at a total of 6 events – 3 State of Origin games, the Women’s State of Origin, an NRL Semi-Final, and the NRL Grand Final.

The idea

We jumped at the opportunity to bring augmented reality photographic technology and the rugby fandom together. The Photo Booth Guys creative team put their heads together and came up with three solid corporate photo booth concepts to put forward to Youi:

  1. Standard photo booth with player signature: footy fans have a photo with a player, then the player digitally signs the photo on the screen
  2. Magic card “Hidden Heroes” player reveal: fans hold a green screen card in front of themselves. As they move the card up and down they’re transformed into a player – their hidden hero.
  3. Action Try 3D GIF: our multi-camera array captures fans diving for a try and creates a Matrix-style 3D GIF. 

Youi decided to go with the magic card “Hidden Heroes” player reveal. This option was versatile, with broad appeal. The quick process allowed a large number of fans to engage with the activation at each game. With the option to email photos to everyone in every shot, Youi connected with more footy fans. 

The creation

An activation has to look exciting to draw the fans in. The Hidden Heroes photo booth needed to combine eye-catching design with clear Youi branding to celebrate the sponsorship. Our in-house designers and developers put the Youi touch on two Pro Booth setups. This included custom designed vinyl wraps, custom branded 6x6m tents, custom branded photo booth backdrops, custom branded sharing stands, and a custom-designed pre-share system.

The outcome

924 fans’ players were revealed to them at the Hidden Heroes photo booths. 924 photos were emailed to 1793 footy fans.

The bonus

Youi wanted to reach the most footy fans possible, so we needed to take the photos to the crowd. In addition to the stationary Pro Booth setups, a roaming photography team brought a secondary activation out into the crowd. Armed with augmented reality props, photographers gave fans the opportunity to strap on some headgear and become a player on their favourite team, presented in shareable GIF form.

Our roaming photography team took 1203 augmented reality GIFs, which were emailed to 1199 fans. 

Overall, Youi collected a total of 2992 email addresses, many of which fell into the brand’s target demographic. The activation added an additional layer of fun and excitement to the fans’ night at the game, and cemented Youi’s position as a key NRL sponsor in the minds of fans.


“TPBG came to us with three really solid ideas which ticked the key objectives of engaging fans, allow social shareability and promote Youi’s association with the NRL.  When it came to organising, implementing and managing the activation they were very professional with minimal to no input or supervision needed from me on the night of the activations.” – Craig Munks, Marketing Officer, Youi