a GIF booth you get for the whole weekend

Selfies all weekend!

Pick it up Friday. Drop it back Monday.

Selfmatic is a super portable, battery operated photo booth that makes fun GIFs and digital images. It goes anywhere you do. It’s perfect for weddings and weekend parties. Have it at the hotel when you’re getting ready, put it on the lawn after the ceremony, move it to the deck whilst having canapés, then set it up for the reception. It’s yours for the whole weekend!

Get $120 off Selfmatic until May 30th!
Now just $540 for the weekend. 

Soooo gooood! We literally took it everywhere! Friday night drinks, poolside BBQ, ceremony, reception and the dance floor. Emma & Steve.

All the Gifs

Make all the GIFs you want, for the entire weekend. You shoot it, we loop it. Guests email it. We save em to the gallery.

All the photos

Digital images, that can be sent right to your guests phone. Take as many as you like… no environmental harm here.

Real Time Gallery

You wont miss a thing. Every (every) image gets uploaded in real time* to a gallery, that you (and your guests) can view at any time.

*requires active internet

Selfmatic® includes:


Pick Up PointsPick Up Points

Selfmatic Pickup Lockers are available in the following locations. Other areas may be available on request.

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Are there restrictions where we can use Selfmatic?

Well it can’t leave the country and ultimately you are responsible for it. Sooo.. it does need to come back in the same condition as it was sent out.

Does Selfmatic print?

Selfmatic is all digital. Images and GIFs can be shared right from the booth. Everything gets uploaded to an online gallery.

How do we/guests get the images?

Guests email themselves from the booth. Additionally, everything gets uploaded to a private gallery.

Can we move it from location to location over the weekend?

You bet. In fact, we recommend it – that way you can capture the action no matter where it is

Can we customise the images/GIFs?

Of course. We will give you some design options to choose from which you can personalise with your details.

Do you only do Friday - Monday?

We’re currently offering Selfmatic for long weekend hire. But get in touch if you have something else in mind.

Do you provide backdrops and props with Selfmatic?

No. We think the fun of Selfmatic is using whatever is around. Use a wall at the venue or put it on the lawn after the ceremony. Personalise it by bringing props that reflect who you are.

Who takes the photos?

You and your guests do. It’s touch screen operated and dead simple to use.

Can we put it on the grass/lawn?

You bet. You can put it on just about any surface.

Is internet included?

Yes. It’s all self contained (subject to being in a coverage area).

Book Selfmatic Now

Ready to book Selfmatic? Fill in the details below, and we’ll have you sorted in no time. You’ll need to have your drivers license and credit card handy. Use coupon code: FRENZY20 to save $120 off the weekend hire price! $540 instead of $660 for the weekend.