Party Packs

Photo Booth Party Packs
(for added good times)

If you’re having a themed event, or just want to fancy up your regular ol’ event, then our Party Packs are perfect! Party Packs can be added on to your photo booth hire with us for a small additional cost. Check out the video to see them all in action!

Standard Party Pack

Included in every hire
Included in every hire

Not much standard about our standard party pack. It includes all the essentials to get your photo booth off to a cracking start.

Includes*: Guest book (private hires), a set of lips and mo’s, novelty sunnies, chalkboard and chalk, choice of standard backdrop and a set of our famous “Hello I am” and emoji signs, plus a vintage camera, telephone and flamingo.

* exact style may vary by location

Tropical Party Pack

Take your event into the wilds… See whose Hawaiian shirt clashes best with our backdrops and watch your guests turn into five year olds with our animal masks.

Includes: Choice of 1 backdrop (flamingos, pineapple or floral),  Animal masks, Safari hat, Binoculars, Flamingo prop

Fiesta Party Pack

“¡Andale! ¡Arriba!”

While that actually translates as “Go on! Up!”, no Mexican party is quite right without a few suspect cultural cliches. Embrace the cheese, dip the nachos and get your party poncho on.

Includes: Speech bubbles, Ukulele, Cactus, Sombrero, Backdrop

1980s Party Pack

Totally bodacious selection of accessories for any 1980s or Back to the Future party. We accept no responsibility for the increased risk of mullets at your event.

Includes: Speech bubbles, Rubiks cube, Glasses, Hover board, Backdrop

Superhero Party Pack

“When you cage the beast, the beast gets angry.”

Heed Wolverine’s sage wisdom and allow your guests to freely express their inner superheroes with our Superhero Party Pack.

Includes: Speech bubbles, Hulk hands, Thor’s hammer, backdrop

1920s Party Pack

The Great Gatsby has ensured the roaring twenties remain a popular option for a party theme. Zoot suits, flapper dresses and an air of wild sophistication essential. Also a great excuse to drink gin.

Includes: Top hat and cloche hat, Speech bubbles, Tommy gun, Fan, Art deco backdrop

Photo Strips and Backdrops

Photo Booth Design Options

It’s fair to say we have a pretty decent range of backdrops and photo strip designs. Have a little look see of the video to see all our photo strip options, and have a little scroll to see all the backdrops.