Speech Bubbles

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Talking in photos just doesn’t work. However, with our speech bubbles you can be in the booth and still communicate “YOU ARE TOTES ADORBS! CONGRATS! LOL!” or any number of other important sentiments.

Includes: “Yippee”,  “totes”, “I am”, “You are”, “YOLO”, “FOMO”, “adorbs”, “whatevs”, “We are”, “YAY”, “Mr, “Congrats!”, “Lovers!”, “Mrs”, “amazeballs”, “LOL”.



How to Order

Our selection of Photo Booth props and accessories are available for the exclusive use of The Photo Booth Guys' fabulous clients. To add some of these awesome props to your photo booth or InstaPrinta booking, just contact us for details. nb: props are not included as standard with InstaPrinta hires.

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