Max Power

13th April 2017

Yes, following our Dapper Dans posts, it’s now ladies’ day here on the blog. Time for a selection of the sassiest Susies from the past few months of wedding photo booth madness.


We could trot out girls just wanna have fun and other such cliches but we’ll resist. Instead let’s simply present to you a few favourite pics showing what happens when the women of the world unite around a photo booth…

No wallflowers

Flower power

Definitely no wallflowers here. Quite the 60s throwback vibe going down, and don’t they pull it off perfectly. We love this custom floral backdrop and the colourful crew in front.



Pineapples makes surprisingly good props, as ably demonstrated here… gorgeous floral headdresses, simple white and cream dresses and plenty of fruity fun to be had.

The huddle

Gal pals

Stronger than any rugby scrum, this is a huddle and a half. Thick as thieves and ready to party.



The pout holds universal and seemingly eternal appeal in the photo booth. These booth belles have selected to emulate the bride’s enhanced pucker with some smacker action of their own.



There’s nothing better in the whole world than your Mum. Especially when you’re wearing coordinating colours that contrast beautifully with a yellow chevron backdrop.



Even more pouting going on here, with some pretty serious-looking efforts as well as more jovial versions. All white dresses in front of the polka dot backdrop is pure class though, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Props to you

Excellent thespian credentials here, with tasteful and effective use of props. This lot were a whole lot of fun.



More from the floral-hatted crew here… great posing and hint of gangsta attitude from the bride.

See no evil…

see hear speak

Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. Very sensible action being taken here by these elegant ladies. Must have been a good party.

Tongues out


Getting a bit cheeky in the booth is par for the course… especially when the girls are involved it would appear.



Always plenty to say, so speech bubbles are an excellent way of keeping the conversation flowing in the booth. Quite the intellectual chatter going on here.



A lovely photo of bride and bridesmaids with lovely bouquets, totally crashed by male intruder. You never know who might leap into our open booths, and we like it that way.

A huge thanks to all these amazing guests who make our work so easy. For more insights into wedding booths and our sassy guests, why not wander over to Instagram, Facebook (UK or Australia) or Pinterest for a bit more.