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The GIF Booth

Supercharge your photo booth with some m-m-m-m-movement and colour. When you book a GIF Booth (or add it on to our regular booth) you get all these goodies… Boomerang GIF, Regular GIF and the Splash Pack (check ’em out below).

GIFs are sent right to your guests’ mobile phones (or emails) where they can then share them with the world wide webs (or not).

Boomerang GIF

Forward > Backwards > Forwards
Forward > Backwards > Forwards

Boomerang GIFs take a burst of photos which we then turn in to a 2-3 second GIF that plays forwards, then backwards.

Boomerang GIFs are weirdly addictive to watch and stupidly fun to make.


Standard GIF

4 Photos in a Loop
4 Photos in a Loop

We take 3 photos, 5 seconds a part, then put them back together in a looping GIF. Standard GIFs give people a little more time to think and plan something awesome.

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Splash Pack GIF

GIF + Filters

Splash Pack GIFs are like our regular GIFs, except guests can choose from 10 fun filters to apply over the top. These add just a little extra awesome-ness to what is already pretty awesome.

Options include: Black Flash, Good Times, Emoji, The Donald, Fresh, YO, Adorbs, Rainbow, Balloons and TV Static.

Animated Stickers

Animated Stickers.

Branded GIFs

GIFs aren’t just for the folks who like to partaaay… they’re also incredibly awesome for corporate and marketing events. Branded backdrops, branded GIFs, branded social media sharing… you name it, we can brand it. Boomerang GIFs make for awesome user-generated content. Check out our Corporate and Marketing website for more examples.

More Examples

Boomerang GIF Gallery

Splash Pack GIF Gallery


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