Corporate Photo Booth

Wanna see what we can do?

More than just a photo booth


Pro Booth

The Pro Booth is so much more than just a photo booth. Its a customisable platform of creative tools and professional services, that allows us to create highly shareable content for brands, agencies and event planners.



GIF Booth

We capture short bursts of video, play them forwards, and then backwards (also known as Boomerang GIFs). GIFs can get the full  treatment: animated overlays, colour styles, visual effects and even audio. GIFs are highly shareable and very addictive to make.


Video Booth

 Makes video clips that are synced to music, and  look like they’ve been cut straight from a Hollywood studio. Each video clip is produced in under 60 seconds, and available to share to email.


Morph Booth

Morph allows guests to fluidly transform in to someone (or something else). This is an immersive experience in the purest form. Guests simply have their photo taken and our Morph Software automatically completes the transformation.



Green Screen Booth

By using a green screen, you’re afforded the luxury of being able to transport people in to any situation, in any place, in any point of time. If you want to try and achieve the impossible, using a green screen is a great option.

Special Effects

We can produce professional level special effects on photos, videos and GIFs. All of this is done automatically on the Pro Booth.