360 Booth

360 Booth

Be the Centre of Attention

Attention Grabbing Videos

The 360 Booth is the perfect way to create a show stopping, attention grabbing experience. The 360’s physical presence is ┬ánothing short of impressive, with guests loving being the literal centre of attention. Designed to soak up the ambience of your event, the 360 Booth works works in any indoor or outdoor environment.

Perfect with Confetti

Ahh, confetti. Makes any photo or video look good, but, is absolutely brilliant for 360 videos. It creates an interactive element for guests, looks amazing on screen, and creates a spectacle at your event.

Branded Videos

Videos can be branded with your logo, and in addition, pre and post roll clips can be added.

Perfectly Smooth Video

Using professional grade cameras, the 360 Booth captures perfectly smooth, high quality slow motion videos.

360 Booth Features

  • Auto Edited Videos
  • Synced Music
  • Pro Lighting
  • Instant Sharing
  • Operator / Director
  • FX & Overlays