This is a big page of party inspo. Made from real events.

Party like its 1999… or whenever. More importantly just have a party and invite us! We’ve done photo booths at thousands of cool parties and have seen just about every style and theme imaginable. Have a scroll through some of faves from over the years then check out a few ideas we’ve thrown together.


Company name, your name(s), Angel Wings, symbols, puntastic sayings… the list is endless of what makes for an awesome neon background. Get in touch for a quote on your very own neon sign.

Attract Sign

You know the way it is, its 9pm, all you’ve had is some triple cream brie on crackers and 7 champagnes. Whack a sign up, to make sureĀ everyone knows where the booth is.

Custom Backdrop

People put in a tonne of effort to dress the part for your themed event, dont let them down, finish the job properly with a custom printed backdrop to perfectly match your theme. Get in touch for a quote.

Lighting Effects

Need t0 set the mood? Have a chat to us about more creative lighting options. From additional studio lights, to coloured lights and anything else you can imaging, we can sort it out.

Animated GIF Overlays

Bring your images to life with an animated GIF overlay. Our team of designers can dream something up to really step things up a notch.

Custom Set Design

Create an integrated experience, where the guests become a part of the furniture (pun intended).

Image Filters

Apply a custom made filter to match your theme or idea.

Take a Seat

Sit down and shut up (so to speak). Rest those feet and try something different. Let the people sit!

Live Stream

Stream all the action to the big screen! It’s a fantastic way to create awareness and more engagement.


Got a theme so epic that you need to let people choose which backdrop they want to be in? Go greenscreen. Put guests into any background at the touch a button.

No Backdrop

Sometimes, the best backdrop, is no backdrop at all. Enough said.


Bring all the images together with a real time mosaic. Reveal your final master piece one photo at a time.

Swing it

If you cant sit still, then maybe a swing is what you need.


Every event is better with confetti. Every. Event.

Go Retro

Apply a retro filter to your retro themed event.

Custom Props

The perfect theme, needs the perfect props. Think beyond the cliched lips and mo’s

Balloon Props

Giant balloons are not just for backgrounds and styling. They make for fun interactive props.

Custom Speech Bubbles

Say it clear with your very own speech bubbles.

Greenscreen GIFs

Animated backgrounds, animated foregrounds, animated GIFs with greenscreen are next level.

Creative Overlays