Max Power

16th August 2016

We took our GIF booth supersonic recently, joining aerospace manufacturer Bombardier for the 2016 Farnborough Air Show.


Our custom-designed animated GIF booth and branded backdrop was housed in a custom marquee on the airfield, next to the Canadian company’s range of aircraft on display. The GIF booth sends the results straight through to visitors’ phones or email addresses, allowing them to then share online as they wish.

Bombardier 1

Our booth also featured a customised, branded countdown screen for the touchscreen on the camera and we supplied custom signs and speech bubbles to fit with the company’s Freedom Not Legacy slogan. The company used the booth and photos for content on its Twitter and Periscope feeds covering the event.

Visitors, corporate customers, policemen and air crew alike couldn’t resist dropping by to try on the range of aviation-themed props we sourced for the day. Check out a few highlights below, plus Bombardier’s video roundup of this year’s successful event.




These ladies are big fans of Bombardier’s C-Series – a narrow-body, twin-engine, medium-range airliner for those of you who were wondering. Throw up those v’s.

Young, Wild and Free


Bet these chaps didn’t begin their day expecting to dress up as pilots and become the stars of an animated GIF. We aim to please.



This besuited visitor used his freedom to the max and demonstrated fine booth form. Heck, it wasn’t even sunny.

Old School


These two broke free into some spiffing outfits from the golden age of flying… Choks away.

Captain Handsome


Our rewritable boards always reveal the true character of a person… here’s someone with a healthy sense of self-worth, we like that.

Bobby dazzlers


Our very own Cassie getting into a spot of bother here with a couple of bobbies, very much on-trend in their day-glo vests. What seems to be the problem officers?

Ice Man


Not everyone pulls off the classic aviator look but this guy looks like he’s fresh out of an F-15. He can be our wingman anytime.

Fire & Ice


Happy to see there were no emergencies to attend to as most of the staff appear to be in our booth. Everyone loves a GIF that keeps on GIFing.

Great outfits


Great costumes! But we don’t remember sourcing Russian Air Crew fancy dress…


A huge thanks to Bombardier and all the staff at the Farnborough show, the time absolutely flew by…

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