Social Mosaic

Social Mosaic

A social photo wall at your event

Crowd interaction at its best

Build a real time mosaic photo wall from photos curated at your event. When it's complete it reveals your hidden masterpiece! Photos can be fed in from social media hashtags (Instagram and Twitter), photographers and photo booths. Mosaic can be displayed as a digital wall on big screens or for a truly interactive experience, images can be printed on stickers and placed on a physical wall.

Printed Mosaic

Go big, go physical. Mosaic tiles are printed on an adhesive sticker and then stuck to the corresponding tile to produce a real time physical mosaic wall.

Digital Mosaic

Mosaic can be displayed as a digital wall where tiles are animated dynamically as new content arrives.

Curated Content

Content can be fed in from photo booths, photographers, social hashtags and external sources (DropBox, Google Drive etc)